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Our first choice in wedding band hire in Birmingham

We have all been to weddings and when we look back what is it that we remember most? The cake? The flowers? The food? No, it’s the entertainment, the music and the dancing. The entertainment is key to any successful occasion and especially a wedding. You can get away with saving money on catering and decoration but not on your choice of music. So how do you ensure that you have made the right choice?

I guess the first question you need to ask is whether you want live music or a DJ. DJs can be hit or miss so you would need to interview them first and agree what type of music they are to play and you need to ensure they have that certain something about them that will get people up and dancing. If you go for a live band at your wedding then you will have the advantage of the atmosphere created by live music. A wedding band in Birmingham from our top agency Apollo Live can make both an atmospheric and a visual impact at your wedding.

The main downside of hiring a live band is that they will not have the variety of a DJ, even if they are a variety band and play lots of different types of music they cannot hope to get the mixture of tunes and sounds that a DJ can carry. DJs will have a much wider variety of music and it’s much easier for a DJ to expand his collection by buying new tracks than it is for a band to learn new songs.

Apollo Gold Wedding BandCost will invariably be another factor; bands do tend to be more expensive as they will normally have more equipment and more people involved, though this is not always the case. There may also be extra costs if the band needs to learn new songs that you have requested so this needs to be born in mind. The acoustics of the function room also should be considered; a DJ here will have an advantage as he can adjust sound quality and move his speakers around more easily whereas Wedding Bands will need to set up in one particular place and cannot necessarily change their sound too much to take into account the acoustics of the room.

A band is live, and when you chose an experienced group of musicians, nothing can beat live music. If they are really talented they will be able to work the room and work with the theme of your wedding and modify their play list accordingly. If you decide to hire a DJ you hear all the songs exactly as you know and love them so the unexpected is taken out of the occasion.

So how do you find the right band? You can ask friends and neighbours, but then you may have the same band as your friend up the street and do you want your wedding to have the same feel as theirs? If you want a completely unique band then you should go slightly further afield, a good choice would be to go to an online company and look through a wide range of bands that have been hand-picked for their quality and for their entertainment value.

You can have access to a wide range of tried-and-tested artists in all styles. These acts are experienced in weddings and will ensure your event goes with a bang. You will also have a wide choice of musical styles to suit you and your guests; you could for example have classical musicians, jazz groups, steel bands, tribute acts, covers bands or even a ceilidh band. The choice is endless. So get online and find an act that will enhance your wedding and make it a truly memorable occasion that you and your guests will remember for a very long time.

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