A Guide to Choosing the Right Postal Boxes For Your Needs

There are four major differences between postal Boxes and Ecommerce Packaging: delivery, speed, security and boxing experience. In this article, address all of these differences in detail and explain that if you’re a small upstart merchant on Etsy or a huge international shipping company in high volume, Ecommerce Packaging might be the solution for your online business. In either case, shipping with a Postal Box will always be more expensive than using Ecommerce Packaging. However, the cost is just one of many ways you can save money on your business expenses and increase profit margins:

There are two kinds of postal boxes cardboard boxes, double lined or single lined: the former is a less thick plastic box with a less thick inner liner that is more rigid than its double lined counterpart and is less likely to damage over time; the latter is a cardboard box with an extra thick internal liner and is usually less likely to get damaged over time compared to the former. In addition to the obvious difference between the two kinds of boxes, there are a few other features you should look for when purchasing your next box: is it made of extra strength thick foam or will it be manufactured from strong cardboard? How will the item be shipped inside be packaged? Will it be sent in a bubble envelope or in a regular envelope?

Postage rates are determined by weight and size postal boxes. For instance, if the parcel is going to be a large letter, like a letter sized piece of paper, then you will most likely be offered a low rate of about $3.00 per pound. If it’s a smaller letter, like a greeting card or catalogue, the postal rates will be closer to the minimum possible price, but you can expect to pay at least one flat rate per pound. Smaller parcels tend to come in the form of postcards, rather than envelopes, so the rates will also be based on a weight of around five grams. Postcards can be delivered to almost any address in the country, but they are not accepted at all in some areas, so if the area you’re sending the parcel to does not accept postcards, you may have to send the parcel using another method.

The type of post office packaging that you choose depends a lot on the size of the parcel and the recipient. Postage rates vary across the board, and you’re basically dealing with a three-part decision. You must determine the size of the piece, which is based on the actual weight of the item and the standard postal rate for that size; then select between a metal or foam lined packaging material. The third factor is the type of shipping you intend to use – express, priority, regular, or courier, and these will affect the costs as well. All of those things together, then, will determine the size, type, and cost of your parcel packaging options.

Smaller parcels might be sent in regular, small mason jars, called post offices’ bags. These are actually great options for smaller parcels, because the post offices do not require an oversized box or a top heavy box in order to ship these. One of the advantages of small mason jars is that they are very easy to ship. If you don’t mind paying the flat rate, go ahead and get some of these. If, however, you’re mailing something larger, such as a letter or a large package, it’s probably best to use regular sized post offices’ boxes, because they are large enough and can accommodate the weight of whatever you’re sending. These come in various sizes, but you should be able to find a size within reasonable price range.

If you’re looking for something more fancy when it comes to mailing items, you might want to check out the new options available to you through either Direct Mail Services or by way of Internet based services. With these, you can choose from a variety of different styles, including; jewelry boxes, ornate boxes, brass pewter boxes, etc. depending on what your taste is. It’s also possible to set up your own mail forwarding account online, which gives you the ability to ship anything to anyone in the country. This eliminates trips to the post office and allows you to save money on stamps, paper, and other supplies, so it’s well worth the time to check these out if you want to ship items more often.

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